Final Expense Insurance Leads

How To Convert Final Expense Insurance Leads Into Sales?

If you’re in the business of selling final expense insurance, then you will have to learn how to convert final expense insurance leads into successful sales. As any insurance salesperson will tell you, that’s easier than done. But it is much easier than what many people say.
The trick is not really a trick. It’s just a matter of being sincere and honest with your leads to make them realize that, in this day and age, final expense insurance is indispensable, just as how death is certain.

Where Can You Find Final Expense Insurance Leads?

Finding final expense insurance leads is not really difficult, mainly because everyone is a potential lead. Mortality, after all, is what makes us human.
Selling final expense insurance to the affluent is quite easy, as you just have to make them realize the benefits of the same.
Of course, not everybody can afford a final expense insurance policy.
In which case, it will be a matter of informing them, with all genuineness, that final expense insurance is as important as a regular health insurance. Some of their benefits are similar, after all – easing the burden shouldered by the family, convenience for burial procedures, eliminating expenses for final medical costs, etc.
If your lead is on a tight budget for the foreseeable future, try to inform him of the payment plan that is most convenient for his means.

Seniors Are The Main Market For Final Expense Insurance Leads

Seniors, however, are the main source of this kind of leads, not because of their age but more because final expense insurance is a more affordable type of life insurance that they can avail of.
At latter stages of one’s life, a regular health insurance premium may be too expensive for them. In such cases, final expense insurance becomes a more viable alternative.

How Can You Convert Final Expense Insurance Leads Into Sales?
So, you have generated some leads for your campaign. The critical question to ask, henceforth, is how to convert them into sales.
As we have discussed earlier, honesty and sincerity are the key factors that every successful final expense insurance salesperson should possess and exhibit.
The benefits of a final expense insurance are pretty straightforward, more so when your leads are at the latter stages of their lives and dead has become very imminent.
You just have to inform them, frankly but with benevolence, why they need a final expense insurance.

The reasons are many:
1. Form of help for the loved ones the policy holder will leave behind. Since the policy holder’s final medical and burial expenses will be covered, much of the burden will be lifted from the shoulders of the grieving family members.
2. Affordable insurance option. Your leads should realize that of all the types of life insurance policies, final expense insurance is the most budget-friendly.
3. No stringent health requirements. Most leads don’t even have to take a medical exam. This is an excellent option for middle-aged and senior citizens who are already suffering from a variety of pre-existing illnesses which other life insurances will refuse to cover, at least not without a high cost.
4. Quick payouts. In most cases, the policy pays out the death benefit within a day’s time after the death of the insured.
5. Variety of face values available. There are many packages that final expense insurance leads can choose from. There is certain to be a package that is perfect for their budget.
Once final expense insurance leads realize the practical benefits of this kind of life insurance, as well as the financial and emotional burden that will be taken off the grieving shoulders of the loved ones they will leave behind, they will be more amenable to buying a policy.